I'm torn...

The Bone Clocks - David Mitchell

... between David Mitchell's style and talent for beautifully constructing interwoven stories, and the fact that the psychosothingies took so long in getting to the point that they got a little on my nerves by then.


I do like slow stories, and I thoroughly enjoyed the many and varied characters appearing. The story roughly follows Holly's life as told from very different perspectives. These episodes are very well crafted, and each of the protagonists has his or her own voice and style. Now and then there are tantalizing glimpses of people with supernatural abilities, but we are more than halfway through the book before we get to know a little more about them.  When we do meet them (finally!!!!), it is weird but exciting, and very different from the first half of the book.


With Mitchell, a lot of the reward is the journey. I thoroughly enjoyed the very slow ride of teh first half (even though I could not fully relate to Crispin). When finally the psychosothingies came into focus, some of the earlier encounters fell into place. the book completely changed its pace (took me by surprise).


Story could be a little more condensed, storytelling fantastic, style extremely enjoyable, outlook on humanity slightly depressing but probably true.


Not his best, but liked it a lot overall.